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Aguillard, Neil Alford, Matt Alvis, Teddy Andrews, Jim

I joined the MEN OF SAINT JOSEPH in an effort to strengthen my knowledge of Church doctrine, Holy scripture, and my personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Even as one of the younger men of the group, I have been warmly welcomed and have found it very comfortable to participate vocally each week in fellowship with the other members, tears are as much welcomed here as smiles and I feel a real sense that everybody sincerely cares for the feelings and wellbeing of everyone in the circle.

As we are the body of Christ, it is our responsibility to foster Church growth and crusade to bring others into ( or in some cases back into ) the Catholic Church. I look with fervent aspiration for every Tuesday morning and feel a disheartening sense of sorrow when I am unable to attend the day.

I oblige every man in our Parish, or any Catholic man, to attend just one meeting to experience the Holy Spirit working and moving amongst our members when we meet. As men we are all instructed by Christ to be the spiritual leaders of our families and I can think of no better augmentative channel to achieve this than through attending----- THE MEN OF SAINT JOSEPH!

With spoken interests in finding a Catholic Bible Study/prayer group, my grandmother informed me of MOSJ. One day later I saw Pat Collins at a business meeting with a MOSJ shirt and he told me of the group at Corpus Christi. Having attended Corpus Christi pre-K thru 8th grade, I was especially excited to get involved.

Outside of Mass / the Sacraments / and prayer time, I feel moved by our great God to gather with other spiritual men and learn more about our faith, offer prayers, and seek council. I ultimately attend in order to join together in the name of Jesus Christ to build one another up and strengthen the kingdom of God.

I was invited to join the CCMOSJ by Danny Cain, whom I have come to be close friends with over the past few years. I coached his daughter Claire in basketball for several years along with my daughter Blakeley and they are good friends as well. I consider the Corpus Christi MOSJ meetings to be one of Maslow's hierarchial needs. I am so blessed to share and witness with so many outstanding men, fathers, brothers, disciples of Jesus Christ.

I look forward to our gatherings and feel that they complete a void in my Spiritual life each week. I have been a convert for nearly ten years now and am glad to know several other converts in our MOSJ group. Our MOSJ meetings provide much needed exploration and understanding in my Catholic Faith. Thank you all so very much.

Being a part of the Men of St Joseph gives me the opportunity to share my faith with other Catholic men.

Our gatherings are spiritually enlightening and rewarding; we share our personal experiences and beliefs, and our meetings are not without humorous moments.

Our discussion of the Gospel interpretations are always enriching, prayerful, and often reveal an idea or element that may not have been considered. Someone always mentions a point that brings about an epiphany.

The apologetics discussions remind us of what our Catholic faith teaches, and awakens our need to know our faith better. It clears away our misconceptions, while the Catechism of the Catholic Church rights our path in the education of our faith and Catholic doctrine.

We're all on a pilgrimage to eternal life with God, and the Men of St. Joseph are contributing to mine.

Babin, Chuck Bailey, Jim Bell, Damian Boudreaux, Fr. John
I have been so happy and feel so blessed to have an MOSJ chapter at Corpus Christi. I sadly had to miss a month of Tuesdays because I was away on the job in South Dakota! I now enjoy participating in the group because for decades I have just been going through the motions practicing my Catholicism. Sunday Mass was about it, and I wasn't always consistent with that. Since joining the MOSJ, I have discovered a personal relationship with the Lord, and my relationship spiritually with my family has grown greatly. I now thoroughly enjoy praying amd studying scripture, and now have a new heartfelt feeling and emotion when attending Mass.

It's quite enlightening to have discussions with other members about all aspects about of our faith, to hear about struggles all Catholics have from time to time, to pray together, and to feel the unity we all share with the Almighty! For someone like myself, who is not so knowledgable in the Scriptures, it's great to have many in our group who are. I am thankful for all the members and future members of MOSJ. Thank you Jerry, for the wealth of knowledge you have given all of us!

After hearing about MOSJ from my son who is in the Fairhope group, I eagerly accepted an invitation from two members at Corpus Christi.

I always had trouble understanding the gospel and this has been a very rewarding quick study of interpreting it.

Tuesday is a day I look forward to.

When I attended my first MoSJ meeting, I was not sure what it would be all about.

After the first meeting it was clear to me that I was in great need of the opportunity to pray with other men of faith, to engage in discussions about the Scripture and the moral issues that challenge each of us daily, and to do so in an environment of love and fellowship.

Our Tuesday morning meetings have become essential to my spiritual health and my life overall.

To anyone reading this and considering joining our group, you would be doing yourself and your family a huge service by joining us every week.

Every Tuesday morning at 6:30, the Men of St. Joseph fill the chapel at Corpus Christi Parish.

Celebrating Mass with these brothers is a joy for me and the other daily Mass attendees.

Their devotion to their faith, the Mass and each other is inspiring.

Bowab, A. J. Burchette, Dave Burkholder, Paul Cain, Danny

The communal prayers and discussions regarding matters of faith are a source of validation and strengthening of my own faith.

Every week, I come away from our MOSJ meetings with new insight and understanding of my faith and a greater appreciation for the reasons we believe what we believe, as well as a reminder that I should represent my Church in my every thought, word, and action.

As the saying goes, "the more you know, the more you realize you don't know." I have learned a great deal about the Church in the few months I have been attending and am well aware of how much I have yet to learn. My goal is one day to be able to bring a fraction as much to the meetings as I take from them.

These are the reasons I continue to be a member of the Men of St. Joseph.

Men praying together. Men openly professing their faith. What could be better! The fellowship, compassion, and sharing are just a few reasons.

I firmly believe that if young men see their fathers evangelizing and praying together, then this will continue on in their families. And many of these young men will choose to enter the priesthood.

Last December I attended my 1st meeting at the suggestion of my son, Paul III who is in the St Ignatius MOSJ. He made me aware we too had a new chapter at Corpus Christi. Now, six months later I like our Tuesday morning CCMOSJ meetings because of the personal relationships I have developed with both old and new friends alike.

It makes me feel good to laugh and be serious around men who are growing in their faith. Our leaders, Jimmy Donaghey and team, are special men who make me feel welcome and it shows weekly.

I have also had the pleasure of introducing several new men to the CCMOSJ and they too are now happy regulars.

A life threatening illness prompted me to examine my conscience and my life and I felt that I was not really living my Catholic faith but only going through the motions of Sunday Mass and an annual confession. I started searching for more. I wanted the personal relationship with God that I had heard people speak of If I was soon to face judgment, I wanted the Lord to know me. The Holy Spirit started putting people in my life to help me find my way.

A priest and a very spiritual man became my spiritual advisors and they invited me to join the Men of Saint Joseph. As I was awaiting a transplant that would save my life I was being spiritually fed each week at the MoSJ meetings. Prayer and discussion with my brothers in Christ helped me find the peace of Christ that helped me through my surgery and recovery.

Claiborne, Tim Collins, Pat Crowe, Jim Daigle, Peter

I start each morning with the readings for the day as well as a reflection.

MOSJ is a great opportunity to share this experience once a week with like-minded men. It's so inspiring to see so many men gathered early each Tuesday for prayer.

It's like filling your gas tank in the car - it keeps you going for the week.

I have always felt insecure about my knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church and the Bible. I tried many things...I have always attended weekly Mass, gone to Confession, read books and said prayers before dinner with the family but never felt comfortable discussing religion or my faith with others.

The Men of St. Joseph has helped me out tremendously. Meeting weekly with such a diverse group of men all seeking to strenghthen our faith and become the best person we can be for God, our family and ourselves is truly an inspiration.

It is amazing how a simple prayer group can have such a wonderful impact on my life...Tuesday morning and the Men of St. Joseph is a time I cherish and a time I look forward to each week.

MOSJ plays a major role in my journey back to the Catholic faith.

Being part of this group of men from all walks of life who can openly share God's word, Christian values, and prayer every Tuesday morning helps bring me to a greater understanding of my Catholic faith and God's word as I faithfully continue my spiritual journey.

In our MOSJ meetings, members often discuss how following Jesus' example helps them in their everyday lives. I share these beliefs and feel a genuine bond with these MOSJ men.

Every MOSJ member desires to be a good father. Through their own stories and struggles, they also reveal a heartfelt desire to be the best Christian father they can be. They see their mission as leading their families in faith. This is what the MOSJ is all about; helping us to be the best fathers we can be.

We often talk about how possessions do not last, but that storing up heavenly treasures is more important. I like feeling close to God and try to find a path to Him every day. The MOSJ meetings help me keep my focus on what is most important in my life. The meetings keep me stay on a path that leads me closer to God.

Delgado, Efrem Donaghey, Jim Eastburn, Scooter Franklin, Keith

The Men of St. Joseph gives me a weekly opportunity to see Christ work in and through other men.

It is inspirational to be involved with men trying to learn and live their Catholic faith so that they can truly be the spiritual leaders of their families.

The emphasis on living what we learn from the Word of God affects me daily.

I was once told that love grows when knowledge grows.

As I learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ, I draw closer to Him, and my love for Him and for my fellow men grows.

The MOSJ meetings provide me with the opportunity to share this and my struggles with other men with similar sentiments and situations.

I was invited by a good friend of mine to join the Men of Saint Joseph several months ago. I accepted the invitation, but there seemed to be something that prevented me from coming to my first meeting. Forgetfulness, getting children to school, the everyday struggles of life seemed to be in the way.

When I realized that my life was getting in the way of my faith in Jesus Christ and that I felt derailed and overwhelmed constantly, I knew that turning to Christ for all things was the answer.

When I attended my first meeting, I was immediately filled with the realization that Christ had brought all of us together to share His word, His help, His strength through each other.

I now look forward to each Tuesday morning to share my struggles, my faith, and my hope found in Christ with other men sharing the same experience, hope, and struggles as the leaders of their families. I am now aware of my responsibility to my family to share all of Christ's love, His word, and all of His teaching received from His Church. Tuesday's are a blessing for me and life rarely keeps me away.

Griffin, Bill Hamlin, Scott Henry, David Hines, Gene

"Putting the family in the hands of the Father". I was intrigued by this slogan and the more I thought about it, the more meaningful it became. As Father Larry pointed out, it is the father's responsibility to see to it that his wife and children get to heaven.

In order to accomplish this, the family has got to be in the hands of the father. In today's world, I believe that it is very important to have a strong father, a role model for your children.

With that being said, in order for the father of the family to do this, he must put his family in the hands of the Father. God our Father. The weekly meetings of the MOSJ offer us an opportunity to do just that. The gospel readings, intentions and prayers only bring us closer to God.

The weekly meetings serve as a booster shot in the middle of the week between Sunday Mass.

The Lord has blessed me with my great wife of 30 years, plus four wonderful children, all of whom have attended Corpus Christi Grammar School and McGill-Toolen High School.

I'm striving to be a better husband, father, friend, and person.

MOSJ utilizes THE MAGNIFICAT which provides readings for daily devotions and has become a part of my daily routine of prayer and thanksgiving.

The Tuesday 6:30 A.M. Mass and 7 A.M. meetings and help supplement and make Sunday's Mass more meaningful.

When I saw the notice in the Corpus Christi Bulletin about the formation of the Men of St. Joseph group, I thought it was probably God's message to me that I needed to take advantage of this opportunity.

As a convert to the Catholic faith, I still have a lot to learn about my Catholic faith. But more importantly, I felt a need to be in relationship with a group of men in prayer and worship. I had to chuckle to myself at the first meeting of the MOSJ at Corpus Christi when it was stated that the purpose of the group was for each of us to become the spiritual leader of our family.

I am blessed with a very spiritual wife who is a daily communicant. Her faith has had a significant influence on me and the lives of our six children. So for me to be the spiritual leader for our family is going to be a challenge. It probably will be a team effort as it has been for many other aspects of our life, including our business.

I am very thankful to Jimmy Donaghey, Jim Lenaghan, Danny Cain and others for their leadership in forming the MOSJ at Corpus Christi.

Hughes, David Kessler, Sean Lary, Bob Lenaghan, Jim

I was invited to my first MOSJ meeting at St. Ignatius 2 years ago and went to find out what it was about. I have since joined the Corpus Christi group and the impact has been tremendous. As men we often feel that we alone bear the burden of responsibilities in our lives such as providing for the family, leading our teams at work, being a great family man, and most importantly growing our relationship with God.

This can be a lonely struggle but what the discussions at MOSJ meetings let me know was that the other men that I see weekly at church and in the community are fighting the same fight. For some reason there is peace in knowing that. Together we can be stronger and hold each other to a higher standard of expectation than we may have for ourselves.

I attended mass each week, but I was missing something. I wanted to feel connected to the church, but was not sure how? I knew the faces, but not the people.

The MOSJ gave me an intimate setting to connect with the men of the parish through prayer. I remember feeling at home when someone in our group asked, "How do you raise a family?" We all had a great laugh. We are still working through that one.

The group has become a wonderful rally point in my life. I come back each week to hear the truth, learn from my fellows and share in the joy of our faith!

My son Bart recommended MOSJ to me. Upon attending my first gathering, I felt that God had sent me there to receive more of the blessings that He promises when he says, "seek and you will find".

I indeed feel the presence of the Lord in the MOSJ gatherings and He speaks to me through the bible study, prayers, personal testimonies and fellowship that each MOSJ gathering brings.

I know that God is using MOSJ to strengthen me in faith to manage the challenges of life and to reassure me that He is ALWAYS there for me, a sinner. Thanks be to God.

Having been involved with the First MOSJ chapter at St. Ignatius, it is an honor to be part of Corpus Christi MOSJ.

It is comforting to see Catholic men who thirst for more than just Sunday Mass. The studying of the Bible has been a true blessing particularly in these trying times. Just glad to be there.

I especially enjoy seeing the younger fathers involved in MOSJ meetings. I wish I had been able to attend an MOSJ chapter to when I was a young father. I know it would have helped me become a more Christlike father in my own children's formative years.

Moore, Charles Peach, Scott Picicci, Vinnie Primeaux, David

I was invited with open arms to participate in MOSJ by two friends. Like many, I struggle to understand and incorporate serving my family, church and God on a daily basis. MOSJ helps me to know I am not alone, and to learn from very spiritual and knowledgeable people.

We are what we do, we are who we are around, we are what we read. MOSJ is a very good influence on who I am.

I went to my first MOSJ meeting because it seemed like a good idea, although I wasn't sure why. I have always felt a personal relationship with Jesus. Even though I do not have a strong theological education, I didn't feel the need for more biblical insight or a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith.

I am a member of too many organizations, so I wasn't looking for more fellowship. My wife and I share other ministries, so I wasn't looking for "something else to do" to serve the Lord. With an already tight calendar, I was certainly not looking to add another weekly meeting.

Alas, God knows better, and I do my best to listen to Him. I now understand that in the quiet time of my evening prayers, He was telling me to go. I just kept thinking "I wonder what the MOSJ meetings are like? I should go sometime."

Since attending my first MOSJ meeting, I have found that I was thirsting for deeper insight and understanding of the Word, that I was longing to be closer to God, that my heart was craving for fellowship with fathers and men of Faith, and that I welcomed another way to serve the Lord. And without question, that there is always time for prayer. I am thankful to those who pioneered the development of this group, and I cherish my time spent in fellowship with them.

I encourage all men, especially fathers, who are thinking "I wonder what those are like" to join us some Tuesday morning - you may get more than you bargained for. I know I did.

Paul Burkholder invited me to attend a CC-MOSJ meeting.

I accepted and instantly knew I had found something special when I attended my first Tuesday morning meeting.

I seemed to have so much in common with the men and leaders (I needed a subtle boost to my spiritual life and they did too).

Along the way I got too sick to come regularly but I told my family how it made me happy and feel special.

David's picture was taken while he was enjoying his favorite hobby, golf.

David died on July 9, 2010. May his soul rest in peace.

Rehm, Chris Robbins, Deacon Arthur Scott, Jerry Smith, Ron

I joined MOSJ after learning about the group when Matthew Kelley came to Mobile. I was really inspired by Matthew Kelley's talks, his common catholic sense, and his encouragement to turn to God to be the best version of yourself. I read a couple of his books which also inspired me.

I felt a sense of obligation to the group that organized the event and wanted to enhance my spiritual life. When Jimmy Donaghey told me that he was thinking of starting a MOSJ group at Corpus I told him to definitely count me in.

I really look forward to our Tuesday mornings and try to carry out the mission I feel God calls me to do. I do not succeed most of the time, but I know with God's help and the prayers of my fellow MOSJ brethren I am doing better and God's Word is working in my life.

I thank God for the MOSJ every day.

It's really good that the Men of St. Joseph meet here and pray together, and good things will come to them who pray to the Lord.

Paul Burkholder, Jr., invited me to the MOSJ meetings. Now, I eagerly anticipate each Tuesday morning meeting and feel that I have lost something when work causes me to miss a meeting.

Listening to other men from different backgrounds and professions pray openly and share their love for Jesus and His good news in a personal way is uplifting.

No matter what our weekly program is, we always get around to applying Christian principles to make us better men, and especially, like St. Joseph, better fathers.

Our meetings provide a spiritual anchor for me each week; and like most men, I need that weekly anchor.

I was invited by Jerry Scott to attend a MOSJ meeting after the talk given at Corpus Christi by Fr. Larry Richards.

Participating in the MOSJ helps me to develop a closer relationship with Christ, continue learning about the Catholic faith, and to share in the challenges, suffering and joys that we all experience at some point in our life.

In addition, the support of the group through prayer has provided an excellent source of strength and hope for the future.

Thank you again for inviting me to join this group!

Steiner, Chip Walters, Skipper Wentworth, Sean Wheat, Bob

Before joining MOSJ I would look through the church bulletin for "something" and I truly found it in this group.

We as Christians are bombarded with secularism and moral relativity by society. Going to the MOSJ meeting each week keeps me connected into what is real, which is God's love and Jesus' salvation of us.

The men gathered in this group are open and accepting of all. They bring years of study and knowledge of the Catholic church which helps me to learn more and appreciate the logic and rationale of the Church.

These meetings are filled with the Holy Spirit and I am blessed to be able to participate.

Anyone who's known me through the years knows how much I value the total Catholic experience. I feel the MOSJ is a great forum for men to come together to reinforce our Catholic faith for ourselves, our families and others.

There is nothing more important to me than Catholic education especially Catholic HS education. I feel the MOSJ does help reinforce that need.

Surprisingly what I like most about our chapter is our intercessions and the days we talk about what Catholics believe and should believe, the open discussion part. I like this even more than critiquing the gospel.

I would also like to thank Jimmy Donaghey for his vision and passion in starting our chapter and the other men who handle our weekly readings. I've met some really great guys and Jerry, thank you for this web site.

I've attended weekly mass my whole life. Through the years, I have had periods of spiritual renewal and growth, as well as times when I have been less attentive to God's presence.

However, in the past couple of years, I have experienced a growing void in my spiritual life. I needed something more.

I needed spiritual inspiration, enlightenment and challenge.

Through the MSOJ meetings I have had the opportunity to dig deeper - both in the study of scripture and in the call to live as Christ calls us to live.

I try to live a simple life, but things often get complicated.

The MOSJ meetings are simple and uncomplicated, because we always discuss one purpose.

These men strive to keep Christ in their lives and to be better fathers each and every day.

This is the kind of simplification that I like, so I enjoy the MOSJ meetings very much.

Wilson, John Zoghby, Fr. James

I was invited to attend a morning prayer session with the Men of St. Joseph by Dave Burchette, who I had known from our work together with the Corpus Christi Conference of the St. Vincent DePaul Society.

I see participation with the Men of St. Joseph as an extension of my Catholic faith, where it comes alive in community. Being a member of the Men of St. Joseph strengthens my faith, deepens my commitment to Christ and sustains me through its fellowship.

It is as a humble disciple that I follow Christ with others who are also seeking to strengthen their faith, family and community.

The Men of St. Joseph group is an extraordinary blessing for our entire parish.

God is certainly in their midst when these men come together to pray, reflect on the Gospel, and share their faith with one another.

Their own testimonies give evidence of the benefits they receive in their weekly gatherings, enabling them, more and more, to be channels of God's grace for their families and for all whose lives they touch.