Corpus Christi Men of St. Joseph Oct 19 to Nov 9, 2010
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The Topic of the Meeting:  The Tax Collector and the Pharisee Reading the Magnificat Jerry Scott's Handout on Luke 18:9-14 Jerry Scott reading; Fr. Dan Good paying close attention Jim Crowe is closest Lots of members present; only a few vacant chairs

The group is paying attention to the presentation Jimmy Lenahan is closest Jerry Scott, Bob Lary, Keith Franklin Teddy Alvis reading the 7 reasons: Where's the Beef? and Where's the Pharisee's Humility They look comfortable, but they really are paying attention Closely following the dialog through the handout

The Tax Collector's attitude:  Be merciful to me a sinner The parable's advice to Fathers and MOSJ members Damian Bell, Chris Rehm, and Sean Wentworth digging into the meaning of this parable These men are serious. Chris Rehm to Alfred Reynolds -- they were putting it all together Sean Kessler right in the middle.  He is paying close attention.

Sean Kessler, Tim Claiborne, Jim Wilson, Dave Burchette. The November 2 Meeting
Neil Aguillard on Zacchaeus, the wealthy Pharisee. Neil Aguillard discussed the Gospel today.  As usual, 
he made a great presentation from the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus They were reading the gospel as Neil spoke it. Another view of the group. The view from the other side of the room.

The Word of God is already in its place. Jim Crowe pondering how to put the Gospel story of Zacchaeus into practice.  We had a great discussion following Neil's idea that the sycamore tree was God's grace to Zacchaeus. Jerry Scott and Rev. Sid McCollum, interim associate Pastor at Spring Hill Presbyterian Church. Jerry Scott explaining his two ideas: 1) How much would a personal visit from Jesus be worth to you? and 2) How far down the range of humanity can we look and still Jesus in our fellow men? Also, Jim Crowe and Sid McCollum Reverend Sid is quite pensive at this point.  He explained at the Breakfast that followed that Neil's idea of the sycamore tree being God's grace was a new revelation to him.  He loved it.

Sid explained how he saw Jesus reaching out to the tax collector, and challenged us to reach out to and show Jesus's love to those around us. Keith Franklin is taking it all in. Pat Collins thinking of ways to apply this Gospel story to everyday life.  We had a good discussion. Dr. Zeeman is wondering too, just l ike Pat and Keith. Jimmy Lenaghan -- he liked the discussion for sure. Peter Daigle said he wanted to close the meeitng with a prayer.

When Peter closes our meetings, he always sings a prayer, as he did today. Peter's song was one his dad taught him, and it dealt with caring for those around us. Peter's song was a wonderful ending to our meeting. Our Magnificat reading for Nov 9, 2010 The Gospel Reading for Sunday, Nov 14. John Wilson and our newcomer Fadi.  John did a wonderful job on the Gospel today, talking about his conversion to Catholicism and the difficulty in following Jesus.

Our Leaders The Front of our Room where our leadership always sits. The left side of the room.   Most of us always sit in the same places, if we come early enough. These guys are paying attention to John Wilson's explanation of end times Jesus is discussing in the Gospel. The back of the room.   We had 34 in attendance today and lots of discussion. Jim Crowe taking it all in.

You can just see Keith Franklin organizing his ideas here. Our newest father, Scott Peach, back with us.  He reported that baby and family, especially Dad, were all doing great. Tim Claiborne adn Sean Kessler.  Pensive as always. David Henry, Ralph Jernigan, Gene Hines and Peter Daigle.  David is really getting into this gospel. Skipper Walters asked John Wilson a question about his conversion experience and his new job as Director for disaster preparedness for the Archdiocese. Job Ralph Jernigan and David Hughes

Peter Daigle and Gene Hines Does Teddy Alvis seem intent at this moment or what? Jerry Scott making his comment about the gospel when it said by your  perservance, you will save your life.  No once saved, always saved in this verse. The Breakfast Bunch gathers here after our meetings. Jim Crowe serving as our gracious host. The Cracker Barrell is all spruced up for Christmas,.. Already.

The Nov 9 Breakfast bunch.  How many can you name.   Of course, Paul Burkholder is not in the picture, as he took it.
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