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DSC_2918The Monastery welcomes us for our retreat. Driving into the MonasteryDriving into the Monastery A Beautiful View of the ChapelA Beautiful View of the Chapel Another Chapel ViewAnother Chapel View The Shop Has No Customers yetThe Shop Has No Customers yet The Visitation ShopThe Visitation Shop The ChapelThe Chapel Front Door of the ChapelFront Door of the Chapel The Conference CenterThe Conference Center The Conference Center againThe Conference Center again Another Monastery ViewAnother Monastery View The Chapel is simply beautifulThe Chapel is simply beautiful inside. Fr. Shields Introducing HimselfFr. Shields Introducing Himself. We will have props and songs. Who's paying attention on this side?This talk will be about "Turn, Turn, Turn." Jesus prayed for Peter to help the Brethren. Are yall awake yet, or is it the donkey's fault?Then we have to turn to our family, and then to our Society. I left the Anglican Church because..I left the Anglican Church because.. It is not this way in the Anglican ChurchWas Jesus a Revolutionary or a Reformer? Group Meeting in the ChapelGroup Meeting in the Chapel Another Group in the ChapelAnother Group in the Chapel The Corpus Christi guys with Fr. ShieldsThe Corpus Christi guys with Fr. Shields More of the Corpus Christi Guys and Fr. ShieldsMore of the Corpus Christi Guys and Fr. Shields Fr. Shields and MikeFr. Shields and Mike Rogers Fr. Shields againFr. Shields and Mike McAleer Fr. Shields and Jimmy DonagheyFr. Shields and Jimmy Donaghey Paul Burkholder, Fr. Shields, Jimmy DonagheyPaul Burkholder, Fr. Shields, Jimmy Donaghey The Drive out of the MonasteryThe Drive out of the Monastery Photo Album Website for MOSJ Retreat
Jerry's Lengthy Notes from this Retreat

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