View from The Back Side of the Room View from the Front Side of the Room John Carter and his son The three dads, James Crowe, Jimmy Poker Dad Lenaghan, and Damian Bell Damian Bell and our leader, Doctor Jimmy Peter Daigle telling it how it is Teddy Alvis wondering what did you say? Neil Aguillard and his son Neil Aguillard and his son really paying attention. Neil Aguillard and his son, up close and personal Teddy Alvis, deep in thought.. The view from the right side of the group Charles Moore and A.J. Bowab, really serious Danny Cain and boys Doctor Chris and a future vet... James Crowe and Poker Dad Lenaghan Chris Rehm is serious, but how about those boys? Danny Cain and his son. Sean Kessler and his son.  Sean and Son up close, matching colors. John Carter and his son John and Son up close Little Mister Carter Dad Carter Teddy Alvis and Little Carter.  This is how my leg works. Teddy's Leg up close